Beer Money Forum - Scam or Legit?

At a Glance

Beer Money Forum is a great place for a chat. The earnings are far higher than most forums, the admin is friendly and payments swift.

Online since: 2016-03-01
Earnings: Up to 5 cents per post, 10 cents per thread and 2 cents daily just for logging in.

Full Review

Forums are a place to chat. Take a look online and you will find thousands of forums on every topic you could imagine. Most though don't pay you to chat!

One of the best PAYING forums is BeerMoneyForum. As the name suggests this is not a place to earn an income, it is a place to earn "Beer Money"! You will earn upto 5 cents per post (your post must be 200 or more characters), upto 10 cents per post and also a bonus of upto 2 cents per day just for logging in.

The reason for joining this forum is not really the money you will earn here, the conversations are all about making money and you will learn a lot, and earn a few cents on the side. You can't get a better deal than that!


Great conversations.
Learn something new.


While higher paying than most forums it is still not a place to earn a significant amount of money.


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We have been paid many times, just a few of our payment proofs are displayed here: