Leads Leap - Scam or Legit?

At a Glance

Leads leap is a well established site. You can get paid to click (for not much money, but at least you will be paid), or you can use it as a traffic exchange to get hits to your website. The best feature is for Webmasters, with a system like Google Adwords (but with far fewer restrictions) you can earn 10 cents (or sometimes even more) every time someone clicks on an ad on your site.

Online since: 2009-09-25
Earnings: Around 0.5 cents per 10 clicks in the PTC section. Up to 10 cents per click on ads you place on your website

Full Review

Leads Leap offers a wide range of services. Some for making money, and some for helping you develop and promote your own website or blog.

Paid to Click

Simple as can be. Get paid to click on ads. You will be paid slightly more if you browse longer on each site and slightly more if you rate each site. The pay is LOW, around 5 cents for 100 clicks... but if you click at least 10 ads per day you will also earn a bonus of around 0.25-0.5 cents daily. Still not a lot of money but it does add up.

Ad Words Clone

We all know how Adwords works. You put some code on your website or blogs. Ads appear and you earn money each time someone clicks on them.

Leadsleap offers almost exactly the same service. You will be paid usually between 1 and 10 cents each time someone clicks on an advert on your site. That is less than you might earn from Adwords BUT there is no complicated approval system! If you can't use Adwords, this is something you need on your site! Unlike many other similar services there are NO popups NO virus or any other problems. Just simple, clean ads.


New! The Coop is new, and a bit of a throwback to sites I used to LOVE. It is essentially a Paid to Promote site. You get given a link and you can promote it in traffic exchanges (or anywhere else) and earn money everytime someone visits your link. Take a look at our link, you can promote a similar link to this one, and earn cash!


Leads leap also offers a variety of tools. All FREE. Things like splash-page makers, pop-up creators, e-mail lists and trackers. All good quality and easy to use.
Splash-pages The splash-page creator is so easy to use. Great templates and a system anyone can use with ease. We use this tool ourselves, and why? There are actually several reasons. Leadsleap HOSTS your splashpage, FREE! If you are promoting your site in traffic exchanges etc you might not want to waste your own bandwidth (especially if you are on a limited plan). You will also find that a few years ago a change was made in the way that many sites work which means that they don't load in a traffic exchange - but these splash pages DO.


Adword-like system without any complicated registration or approval
Online for a long, long time, trustworthy


$10 minimum payout can take some time to reach
Generally low earnings, a nice steady earner, but not a get-rich quick!


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