eBooks are a GREAT source of income - but who has the time to write them! Here we offer a huge, and growing, collection of ebooks that you can resell!

It's simple, choose a title, you will get that book in MICROSOFT WORD, PDF, EPUB and CANVA formats. You can then make any changes you want, put your name in as the author and resell it! It couldn't be simpler!

Our Books

You will recieve a PDF, MICROSOFT WORD and EPUB version of the book. You will also receive a Canva link. Just click that link and the book will be auto-imported into your Canva account! It is then SO easy to make any changes you want to the book and then save it as a PDF file and resell it!

Chat GTP3

This eBook is here to help you develop the skills, knowledge, and mindset you need to become an expert in using ChatGPT-3.
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Instant Influencer

This eBook will teach you everything you need to know to become an influencer! Learn how to create great content and get it viewed.
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10k in 90 Days

This eBook will show you how you can earn $10,000 online in the next 90 days. A complete blueprint for this realistic goal.
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Make $$$ Through Art

Learn how to make money with your art. You can make a full-time income with your art, both online and offline!
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10 Twitter Myths

Find out what is holding your Twitter account back! These myths will help you succeed and make money online.
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Boost Your Social Media

Find out how to boost your social media presense with these five important, yet easy to impliment tricks.
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